Monday, March 4, 2013

Los Angeles to the Wizard of Oz....

Friday night was our monthly game night with all of us girls.  With all of the snow on the ground, we are all ready for a little laughter.  I had a Chemistry test to take right before, so I was extra eager for a glass of wine.  

Jill hosted and we played a super phone game that is the drawing version of the telephone guy.  One of the funniest was when I drew Los Angeles and when my flip board game back to me, Michelle had drawn what she thought was the Wizard of Oz!

I mean, look at that detail!

Look who made it!  Miss Heather!  This was my second time to see Mr. Mason. He is growing so much, but still is a tiny little thing!

And yes, he is screaming bloody murder.  I did get him to stop crying though.  Don't get any ideas, I do not want one of my own.  :)

All of us girls.  Thanks for hosting Jill and thanks for the pictures Melissa!

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