Sunday, March 3, 2013

An Adoption Day Weekend Celebration...

You guys know how I pretty much celebrate my birthday for an entire month weekend, so why would Miss Kya be any different?

We started the festivities off by singing Happy Birthday to her.  Don't worry, she totally sings along with us, which is why we sing to her.  

She was clearly worn out from our singing, so she was quite cooperative in getting a picture with her mama.

She got a new Cardinals collar.  She loves it and is totally a fan!

Striking a pose to show off her new collar.

A close up of the new collar.  I know, it is blue.  The pink one was not thick enough so we had to get this one.  The funny thing about Miss Kya is that she totally lifts her leg most of the time to pee and people call her a boy.  The only logical explanation for her lifting her leg to pee is that she does not want to tinkle on herself, obviously.  

We went to the dog park to play in the snow, because that is just what huskies do.  Can you spot the white husky?

Ken and Kya playing together

Eating snow

She had a great morning of fun at the park!  She was so tired.  It did her good to get out of the house.  Poor girl has a little cabin fever not being able to go run in the snow.

Kya was super excited when we told her the Kansas City Pet Telethon was on.

So excited that she had to get a closer look.

That was a Husky Adoption Day Weekend!  Too bad there was snow otherwise she would have gotten to go on a long run.  Don't worry, I will make it up to her. :)

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