Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Because the Outfit Matters Most...

When I first signed up for Ironman Kentucky on December 19, 2012, I knew without a doubt what I would be wearing for the bike and run portions of the race.  I mean, who does not plan this type of important detail nine months in advance? 

Drum roll please....

The Swim:

I know, I know, this is purple and not pink.  Sigh...Well, you remember when I mentioned that I had to get a new swimsuit due to my last one borderline being a complete peep show?  Well, they were out of pink in XS, so the only thing I could do is get purple.  Purple is still girly.

The Bike:

At first I thought that maybe this was too much pink, and then I realized, pink is like pumpkin, you can never have too much!  Of course my skirt has built in bike shorts to add some extra comfort while I am on the bike for seven hours.  Why am I wearing a skirt?  Because no one really looks that good in spandex shorts. 

The Run:

This is my favorite!  I wore this outfit when I hiked South to North in the Grand Canyon.  I wanted to make sure that it wore well during an extended period of time and it was just fabulous!  I was bummed that I could not find a pink visor, but was very happy with this sea foam green one that I found.  Yes, I just said sea foam green.  Look for me on the run portion in the pink skirt and sea foam green visor!  Could I be anymore of a girl!  I am also planning on rocking the pig tails, oh yeah!

 As I told Ken, my motto is:  If you cannot be fast, be cute!


Heather said...

You will no doubt be the cutest Ironman competitor ever!! Looking forward to hearing all about your trip & adventure! Oh & love the pigtails idea :)

lindsay said...

LOL the outfit is the easy part after all. You really can never have too much pink!!

Anonymous said...

Your outfits are fabulous!!! Go Keri, GO!!!

: ) Jean