Wednesday, June 27, 2012

R2R2R Trip, Day Two...

Day two is a travel day to get to the Grand Canyon.  We stop for lunch in Sedona and just kind of take our time getting to the South Rim. 

We stop for lunch at L'Auberge in Sedona.  It is set along this creek with ducks swimming around.  You can feed the ducks duck food.  I of course, always do and love seeing the ducks.  I will say there was definitely some duck hazing going on by a few of the ducks.  One bigger duck was picking on a smaller duck. 

Ken and me in Sedona

On the drive, Ken was insisting that this rock when turned and flipped is an Indian Chief with a head dress on.  It insisted.  I never saw it.  :)

We made it to the South Rim!  Ready to hike in the morning!

Ken checking out the trail.  It is a long way!

I think Ken is starting to remember just how long of a hike it is.  :)

Up next, a 1:45 am wake up call to be at the trail head, starting to hike by 3:00 am!

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