Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ironman Training...Week 14

I set a swim PR this week!  I swam 3000 yards!  It was quite exciting as you can imagine.  I realize I have about 1200 more yards to go, but I am really enjoying swimming and think it is my second favorie.  Of course, nothing can compare to running.

Biking.  Ugh, I am not a huge fan right now.  It is just so hard.  Plus, I have always disliked bicycle riders because of run ins with rude cyclist.  I have a hard time being a cyclist.  I am pretty sure that my bright pink biking skirt screams, "I am nice, I am not a rude cyclist!", but I am still struggling with being a cyclist.  I know I need to get over it and make it happen, but something has to be my list favorite right?  Too bad it is the thing I have to do the longest!

2500 yard swim

3.5 miles running
30 minutes bike

Rest day - I had a work dinner

1:30 bike trainer

3000 yard swim
3 mile run

1:30 bike

9 mile run

Total:  8:05 - I think, my math seems a little off for some reason

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