Monday, March 5, 2012

Ironman Training...Week 11

I am very satisfied with my week last week.  I started following a new training plan out of Be Ironfit and think that this will ultimately be what I follow for the next 25 weeks.  The plan is in my opinion, easy to follow and not all heart rate based, which I am a huge fan of.  Over the next few weeks, I need to move things around so that my rest day does fall on Monday instead of a different day of the week.  After my weekend workouts this past week, I realize that I will need Monday to recover.

2500 yard swim

4 mile run with 2x800 and 4x400
30 minutes bike

2500 yard swim

1 hour bike trainer
3 mile Adoption Day Run with Kya

Rest day

2:10 bike trainer
2 mile brick run with Kya

10.25 mile run (3 miles with Kya)
30 minutes bike trainer

Total training time:  9:05 Woo hoo!!!

Overall, I feel like I held up pretty well.  I am very excited to see how things progress in the next few months!

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Tara said...

Nice work Keri! Glad you found a program that you like and works for you.