Monday, February 6, 2012

Ironman Training...Week 7

Saturday night Ken and I were watching a little Super Bowl coverage of the players being interviewed about how well they will sleep the night before the big game.  I looked at Ken and told him that I have no idea how I will sleep the night before Ironman Kentucky.  Yikes.  Ken immediately went into food mode and told me how much food I will have load up on the week before.  A bagel every morning for week, I can handle that.  :)

Rest day.  I enjoyed every moment of it.  :)

5 mile run with 4x400
45 minutes bike trainer

2500 yard swim

4 mile run with Kya
45 minutes bike trainer

1650 yard swim

1:35 bike trainer

9 mile run

My swim on Wednesday was interesting.  It started off with me thinking there was no way I would ever be able to complete 2.4 miles of an Ironman.  It was going so badly, that I thought I would quit after my first 500 yards.  I made myself stick to it, and I am glad I did.  I was only going to swim 1650 yards, but something wonderful happened.  I was just swimming away and the next thing I knew, I had just swam 25 laps or 1250 yards without stopping.  This was huge for me!  I could have kept going, but I had dinner plans with a friend.  I was so excited.  I called Ken and he told me what a big deal this was.  The theme of the night became, Hi, my name is Keri and I am kind of a big deal.  :)

I am getting a little faster with swimming too.  Don't get me wrong, I am no Dara Torres, but I get the job done. 


Tara said...

Hmmmm, I am always the opposite. I start out thinking I will swim a bunch of yards and then end up with only 1000 yards or something. I get SO bored!

Looks like you are doing good lady!

Ummmm, so when is this Kansas City marathon you were asking me about on my blog?????

Tara said...

Crap, I'm in the wrong google account. Oh well, I'm sure you know which Tara this is!