Friday, February 3, 2012

Dinner with the Girls...

Last Friday after I swam my little heart out, I showered and got ready to go meet some of my friends for dinner.  It had been a while since the entire group could get together, so it was very much needed girl time.  We had a few bottles of wine and laughed non-stop. 

I did get to share with them my adventures in the pool, which I think they enjoyed.  I mean, most people find it entertaining when you talk about spitting on old men at the pool and walking in on old naked ladies in the shower. :)

Most of the other girls continued on for a few more drinks, but I declined due to an early morning hike date planned with Ken and Kya. 

Jill and me.  T-minus about three months or so until the braces come off!

All of us girls, minus one Jill
Thanks for the pictures Melissa!

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Mama C said...

Hey Keri! I tried emailing you but it was returned to me. If you'll email me I'll send you the new blog info :) AmberPierceCessac (at) Yahoo