Thursday, January 26, 2012

In Black & White...

I was checking out the Ironman Louisville website today and happened to click on the participant list.  (Okay, let's be honest here, I have been stalking the site since the day I signed up waiting for the participant list to be updated.)  There in black and white was my name.  My name.  My age. My state of residence.  I may have hyperventilated a bit, threw out a few choice words, and then remembered that I am really excited about this whole thing. :) 

Wow, this bad boy is seven, that's right SEVEN months from today.  Good thing I have already picked out and purchased my outfit for the run portion.  A girl has got to plan ahead you know.

This is after I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2011.  I had to show this picture, this is the story of my life when you are 4'10 and your husband is 6'4.  :) 


Wendy said...

That's awesome about the triathlon!

Love the picture!

lindsay said...

you look like a little kid :) (i'm sure you get that a lot)

when does im training start? or has it already?

Terri said...

My hubby is 6'3 so my neck hurts a lot-lol. Looking forward to following you on your iron man journey!