Friday, October 21, 2011

Chicago Marathon Weekend Pictures...

We had a lot of firsts this trip to Chicago.  For starters, my mama joined us and she has never been to Chicago.  She had not flown in like 35 years or so.  Bless her heart, she ended up getting the full pat down at the airport.  At least she got the full experience.  :)  It was also Ken's moms first time in Chicago.  Bill and Linda decided to join us for a weekend of fun and to watch me run.  We did all types of new things this trip, including going to the top of Willis (Sears) Tower and on an Architectural tour.  We had a blast spending the weekend with my mom and Ken's parents. 

We arrived in Chicago the Friday prior to the marathon.  I went the expo right away to get my race packet. I am so not a fan of crowded expos.  I, of course, had to get my traditional picture with the course map.

My mama and me on the architectural tour we took

Bill, Linda, mama, and me

Ken and me on the boat tour. 

The architectural tour was very cool.  We learned a lot about the buildings and history of Chicago. 

One of the many bridges on the Chicago River

Sears Tower, now known as Willis Tower

The top of Sears Tower.  See the area with the large windows?  That is where we went next. 

Mom and me inside Sears Tower

I enjoyed walking around and reading all of the facts about the tower.  I once again, proved I am queen of useless trivia.

Ken likes to take super close of pictures of me.  Please excuse the huge zit I have forming near my lips.

Mom and me waiting to board the elevator for the ride to the top.

A view of the Hancock building and Trump Tower

You can see all of the tents set up for the start and finish of the race.

There are platforms off the building that you can step out onto.  For some reason, I walked right out there.  Here are my tiny feet.:)

I was shocked when my mom walked out on the platform with me!

Everyone had fun checking out the views of Chicago

This might look like a tender moment, but Ken is getting a lecture about always ruining my pictures by making faces.

Much better!

My mom had so much fun checking out the views and taking pictures

Ken's mom and dad had just as much fun

Mom showing me all of her pictures

She just loves that she is a few inches taller than me

Mom and me at Navy Pier

Bill and Linda having coffee and waiting to go find me at mile 12

My mom taking it all in

This is the funniest picture from the weekend.  This is around mile 12 when I came running by.  I gave the double thumbs up to let them know I was feeling great.  Right when Linda went to take a picture of me, my mom raised her hand to waive.  I am right behind her hand.  So this is me, at mile 12.  At least we know what time it was.  :)

Running to the finish.  I am on the left with the black top and pink shorts

Looking a little rough

This picture cracks me up.  I look like a midget next to him.

They enjoyed their first marathon spectating experience.

Just to prove I am not too proud, here is a hot picture of me with my compression socks on with my Grinch shorts.  Yes, I am too hot for words.  Thanks for reading!

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