Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Happenings...

We had a wonderful weekend!  We started off with a hike at the Overland Park Arboretum on Saturday morning.  Ken and I hiked seven miles.  It did rain on us a little, but nothing too major.  We only have about 10 days before Pikes Peak Round Two!

After hiking, we enjoyed a little barbeque at Oklahoma Joe's.  It was the perfect end to a wonderful hike.  We ended the day watching a movie, since I had an early wake up call the following day. 

On Sunday, I got up to run 16 miles.  It was tough, but I finished it.  Physically, I am fine.  It is more of a mental thing going on.  I figure it is the heat and other things that are going on that are making my long runs tough.  At any rate, my 16 miler is finished!  I did see this little guy and I had to turn around to take his picture. 

what is this?

After my run, Ken asked if I wanted to go down the plaza for a little shopping and a late lunch.  Um, yeah I do!  Upon arrival, I noticed a top in the Ann Taylor Loft window that I had been dying to have, but it is sold out at Town Center and online.  Score!

We stopped at Kona Grill for a little sushi and some drinks.  My friends are thinking, oh my goodness, Keri eats sushi.  Yes, I do just barely.  I have to be very careful because of my shell fish allergy, but I love spicy tuna rolls!

After lunch, we walked around for a bit, bought Miss Kya some treats at the Three Dog Bakery and then cruised on into Starbucks for a latte.  What a simple, but wonderful weekend.

Kya getting ready to enjoy her smores treat.  We timed her, it took over three minutes to eat the thing.  :)

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