Wednesday, April 6, 2011

March Totals and a New Adventure!

During the month of March I ran 124.75 miles.  I will take that considering I am not really training for anything right now.  I am just trying to keep myself in shape for my Chicago marathon training that will take place this summer.  I am hoping to really bring my time down in October!

Ken and I have decided to hike the Grand Canyon!  We, along with 21 other people, will be hiking rim to rim which is about 24 miles.  We are very excited!  Ken has been doing a lot of walking and hiking trying to get prepared.  I have been trying to run more hills and run down hills to help with the beginning and end of the hike.  We did a hill training exercise last night where we hiked 2.50 miles up and down a damn by a local lake.  We did 10 switchbacks, which was quite a workout.  I ran up the super steep hill and Ken even joined me in running a few of them.  I think he got my concept of if you run up the hill, it does not take as long! 

We are super excited about this new adventure!


Terri said...

This sounds like a GREAT adventure!!! I totally get your hill concept;)

Wendy said...

Hiking the Grand Canyon is one of my best memories! Hope you have a great time!!