Friday, March 11, 2011

Things I say...

I grew up in Southwest Missouri.  While this area is not super Southern, the residents tend to have a special twang of their own.  I am fortunate that after a few years of living in Kansas City, I have lost this twang and it only comes out when I am super excited or say certain things.  Ken and I were talking the other day about a few of the things I say and a few of the things I do not say.

Fixin' - I have never said this.  It just did not seem right.

Y'all - I did say this once upon a time.  I had to train myself not to say this.  In fact, this is probably the easiest thing to go back to saying.  I have to watch it.  If I say it once, it will stick!

Pop - I used to say pop and I trained myself to say soda.

Bless your heart - I am so guilty of saying this all of the time.  My friend Michelle totally makes fun of me for this.  Whatever, she is from Iowa.  ;)

So stinkin' sweet - I also catch a lot of grief from Michelle for saying this one.  I cannot help it.  Sometimes things are so stinkin' sweet!

Dilly Dally - You know, when you are piddling away or wasting time.

Piddling - Wasting time. My mom always says this and it stuck with me.

And the biggest thing that I had to break myself of is saying my husband's name, Ken.  Yeah, hard to mess up right?  Well, I used to say Kin with a twang.  I did not even realize that I was doing it.  Lovely.  Fortunately, he did fall in love with me with my Missouri Twang and all.  Luckily, I know pronouce his name correctly unless I am super excited.  :)


Tara said...

I love this! People in Colorado always ask where I am from because I have a slight twang as well. It's not bad, but when I am stressed or angry, it really comes out!

I grew up saying Pop too and now say soda because Rick is from St Louis, so he says soda. And I love the term "bless your heart". :)

One Crazy Penguin said...

Love this list.

I say so stinkin' sweet too!

lindsay said...

i have probably slipped out a Fixin here and there, i don't say y'all, strictly soda, i do say dilly dally (i didn't know that was a southern thing haha) and i say "piddly" for "small amount" but not piddlin.

my yankee relatives used to always make us talk in southern accents when we would visit them up north (NY/CT/etc).

i have a fairly neutral southern accent i think. it can be more prominent at times but i think it's pretty neutral considering the twang you can get...