Thursday, January 20, 2011

Week 2...

Monday - 1 hour on bike trainer

Tuesday - 7 miles at the gym with speed work

Wednesday - Rest, dinner with Jill

Thursday - 7 miles at the gym with 4.5 miles at 8.3 mph

Friday - Rest, dinner with Ken

Saturday - 1 hour 15 minutes on bike trainer and one mile walk with Kya

Sunday - 10 miles at the gym and the dog park with Kya and Ken

Total: 24 miles

My Sunday run was suppose to be longer, but I had just about had it with the treadmill.  I started to get a bit of a headache and mentally I was just D.O.N.E.  I just could not take one more second. 

It looks like I am going to be embracing the treadmill for the remainder of the week, since we ended up with eight inches of fluffy snow. 

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Kate said...

thanks for your sweet comment and visit to my blog! wow, 8 inches of snow - where are you? we had 5 here a couple weeks ago and it shut it all down here in the south!
are you training for anything now?