Sunday, January 9, 2011

2010 Review...

Yes, I realize I probably should have done this last week, but there is nothing wrong with being fashionably late right?


Well, looking back, January was really boring for us.  I did, however, smoke a coyote on my way to work. 

RIP Mr. Coyote


We welcomed a new family member, Hazel joined our home.  I instantly fell in love!


We took a road trip with Rob and Michelle to Arkansas
We celebrated Kya's Adoption Day

We received a ton of snow on the first official day of Spring


I ran the St. Louis Marathon and got a new PR of 4:10 (which I later broke again!)

Bless my heart, I look rather rough here...

I had my braces put on and reversed my age by about 15 years
We celebrated my last super (you know, last meal I could eat without braces) with Rob and Michelle

And a little wine


We celebrated our first anniversary

And I met the only dessert I have not been able to finish...
 I almost ate it all...


I ran my favorite half marathon, Hospital Hill, in Kansas City


Ken and I went on an amazing trip to Napa Valley and Sonoma County


We paid off Ken's student loans


We hiked Pike's Peak

Kya and I went camping with Ken
This is a big deal since I only go once a year


I ran the Chicago Marathon and broke four hours coming in at 3:56!


I turned 30

Michelle and I went to the Bahamas


We celebrated Christmas all month long

Happy 2011!


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Terri said...

Keri it sounds like 2010 was a really good year! What are your 2011 goals?