Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sucking Up...

I think it is something we are all guilty of every now and then, whether we want to admit it or not.  I personally, was always the teacher's pet in school.  Ken would say this makes me a dork, but I say it means I am a rule following booty kisser.  Same thing he says.  Whatever.  The only time I was not the teacher's pet was in first grade.  I could not stand my teacher.  All I could think was that she snorted cocaine and needed a good lip wax.  How did I know about these things in the first grade?

I now continue my sucking up in every day life with Kya's vet.  I am not above taking them treats at Christmas and other holidays if it means they pay extra special attention to my baby.  Yes, I am paying for Kya to be the teacher's pet.  Kya can be a little dramatic.  I am not sure where this comes from.  Two years ago, Ken took her to get her shots and get her heart worm test.  Well, Miss Drama Queen screamed and jumped and caused the lady vet to stab herself in the hand and start bleeding.  Lovely. 

When Ken told me about the incident, I was mortified.  I do not want there to be snickering and pointing when I take my sweet baby to the vet.  What do I do?  I do what any suck up does, I send Fairy Tail Brownies to the vet.  That's right, I am that mom.  I would rather her be known as the dog that sends treats than the dog that screams when given a shot. 

Which leads me to Christmas.  Every year I order at least three 1.5 pound boxes of chocolates from my home town candy store, Richardson's Candy House.  They have the best chocolate assortment ever.  I always deliver one of the boxes to the vet, being the suck up that I am.  Ken refuses to drop it off for me, telling me he will not take part in kissing up to the vet because we pay them for the services.  I tell him that the vet is like Kya's school and I will suck up to the teachers.  Maybe there are two dogs that need to go tinkle, well who do you think gets priority, Fluffy, who's mother is rude and not friendly or Kya, who's mother provides treats and is always kind.  The answer is obvious.

In case you are wondering what I do with the other two or three boxes of chocolates, I always keep one for myself, obviously.  I do give them out as random gifts, but last year I some how had an extra box and could not let it go to waste.  That's right, I ate three pounds of chocolate last year on Christmas break.  Do not judge.


Heather said...

Nothing wrong with being a suck-up. Especially when it comes to our furry children!

Oh & HT likes chocolate :)

lindsay said...

LOL. I wonder if the vet thinks - "oh another gift from the family of the dog that stabbed me".