Monday, December 20, 2010

Selecting a Spring Marathon...

It is that time, time to figure out which marathon I will be running in the Spring.  I have been trying to avoid running the St. Louis Marathon again, but honestly, I think I have no choice. 

Ken's work schedule is the busiest in the month of April and May, which is when most of the Spring marathons take place.  There are several that I want to run that I probably never will be able to unless I go without him.  This coming April, I am going to try to qualify for Boston, so I do not want to run it without him being there. 

This really leaves me two choices:  the Olathe Marathon which would be local for me and the St. Louis Marathon.  Well, as much as I love Olathe, I cannot mentally run an out and back on a trail that I train on.  It sounds absolutely brutal.  I know it would be flat with rollers and I could have friends come and cheer, but this girl just cannot get excited about running in Olathe. 

So, unless something else comes up, I will be signing up for the Go! St. Louis Marathon despite it not being my favorite marathon.  The postives:  I get to see my friend Laura, it is close by, I have run the course before, I get to see spectactors decked out in Cardinal gear, and the race is adding start corrals this year.  Hopefully, all of the things I disliked about last year will be better this year with the changes.

I have been in a bit of a build up phase, trying to run a long run of around 12 miles and doing speed work during the week.  I am really excited for training to begin!  Here is hoping for an under 3:40:59 marathon in April!

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