Thursday, September 30, 2010


  • I have had an insane number of people ask me how far my upcoming marathon is.  This just really cracks me up.  I need to think up a sarcastic response to this. 
  • On my last 18 miler, I was honked and whistled at by two eighteen wheelers and yelled at two times from a window of a house.  I told Ken that I ended my run partly because I felt I would be pushing my luck if I kept going.  I felt the odds of me getting kidnapped were rather high that day and I should quit while I was ahead and not in the trunk of a car. 
  • I had a complete freak out moment regarding my passport.  I shipped my old one off to get a new one with my married name.  I checked the mail on Tuesday and found my old passport in the mail with my marriage license.  I was on the phone with Michelle and not paying attention to the infomation in the envelope and freaked out and told her that my passport was denied and that they must have not thought that my marriage license was for real and now I cannot go to the Bahamas.  Yeah, it was totally dramatic.  She quickly calmed me down and told me you get your old one back first.  Guess what, the next day, my new passport arrived.  Thank goodness I am not on a watch list.  :)
  • And yes, I have been married for almost 18 months and just now changed my last name completely.  My new drivers license arrived on Monday. 
  • Speaking of my drivers license, Target refused to sell me Dayquil last week because I only had a paper version of my drivers license.  It was not the pharmacy that refused, it was the cashier.  Funny how that paper version is okay for the police and okay to get me on a plane, but not okay to purchase Dayquil that is sold over the counter.  It was not even behind the pharmacy counter, it was in the standard aisle. 
  • Fall colored M&M's taste better than the normal ones.
  • I hope that Yankee Candle brings back their Carrot Cake scent.  It smells so good and I have almost burned thru the one I have.
  • I am so ready to leave for Chicago and run the marathon. 


Heather said...

What a great post Keri! I literally LOL & had my co-workers all up in my business asking what was so funny! That is why I love you - you make me smile :) Looking forward to seeing my girls tomorrow night!

Wendy said...

I always had people asking me how far my marathon was too. :)

People honking SUCKS! That can't really steal the joy from running, ugh!

You're going to do awesome in Chicago!

lindsay said...

LOL. hilarious random thoughts. i get a little annoyed when people ask "how long is that one?" or "i know someone who ran a 10-mile marathon"... haha. the honking/trunk one was too funny, and of course i am glad you did not end up in a trunk. as for the name changing, glad you are just as efficient as i. my cousin has been married for a few years AND has a kid and still hasn't changed her name, so now i'm feeling kind of "normal". thanks :)