Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall TV...

Oh how I am so happy that GOOD TV is back on!  I have longed for this day.  Here are my favorites, in no particular order:

The Biggest Loser.  I just love this show!  I wish more people would get up off their tails and stop making excuses for why they cannot lose weight.  I heard on the show last night that two out of three Americans are over weight.  Unacceptable.  Yes, I may have been eating a little Ben and Jerry's Carrot Cake ice cream (delicious!) while watching the show and my husband may have been laughing at me, BUT I had just finished my run of seven miles.  :)

The Amazing Race.  This is the 7th year I have been watching this show.  I started watching it when Ken and I started dating.  I am so glad he got me hooked on watching it.  Ken and I like to go over the road blocks and detours and imagine if it were us, who would do what challenge.  You would be amazed at the one's Ken would assign to me because I am so tiny.  Short people rock!

Criminal Minds.  It is odd that I love this show so much, but it is so good.  And not to mention, Shemar Moore is simply gorgeous.  I do have a strict rule that I do not watch this while Ken is out of town.  I already have enough issues having friend's husbands come over and search for the serial killer who has locked himself in a guest bedroom. 

Desperate Housewives.  I cannot believe I am still watching this one, but I just cannot stop.  It is such trash and maybe that is why I watch it? 

Survivor.  I hope this show never goes off the air.  It just does not get old.  I tell Ken every season that I should totally go on Survivor.  He laughes and asks how I would handle being outside so long, eating weird things, and not being able to put on make up or shower.  I respond with I would totally kick so much butt!  The social part of the game is like my office! 

Do you have any favorites?

These two are ready for Fall TV!  Ken emailed me this picture yesterday while he was working at home.  I think it is safe to say that all three animals in our house have an awful life, ha!

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One Crazy Penguin said...

I used to watch survivor, but then stopped for quite a few seasons. I'm watching this season again though because one of my friends finally got on! So when you're watching root for Kelly B. She's the kick ass one with the prosthetic! She's also an iron woman!