Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Little Wagering...

It is no secret at our house that Ken and I like to place bets with one another.  We have competitions with one another, including who can run the fast, farthest, and who can do the most push ups.  Ken asked if I wanted to put a little wager on the my Chicago Marathon results.

Well, of course.  The low down:

3:59 to 3:55, Ken will run a 5K
3:55 to 3:50, Ken will run a 10K
Under 3:50, Ken will run a half marathon

Well, seeing how I have never run a marathon under four hours, I am not sure if Ken has much to worry about!  He seems to think that I will run super fast in Chicago since it is so flat, but I have my doubts.  I do much better on rolling hills.  I am still doing my speedwork and hoping I can make Ken have to suit up for a race!

Another competition going on in our house, we are talking about hiking Pike's Peak in Colorado.  I overheard Ken mention to a friend on the phone last night "I cannot let Keri out do me."  Um Ken, is this the same Keri that is training for her 6th marathon?  I am pretty sure I can totally out do you.  We have been reading up on Pike's Peak and just might be trying this adventure next month.


Emily said...

I love this bet! What a fun idea. I'm totally stealing it for next marathon!

abbi said...

ohh...I love this idea...might have to steal it too. Good luck to you!

lindsay said...

You guys are too funny! You better be pushing it girl-run a rub 3:45 and make Ken run a full!! Lol.

KJ said...

You go girl! You show him! I'm SO impressed- 6th marathon! And the Chicago will be awesome- my husband ran it last year. And Pike's Peak.... what a fun adventure that would be.
p.s. LOVE that you guys love Fall as much as we do. I asked the Starbucks barista when pumpkin spice is going to be hitting the stores and he said it was shipping as we speak! YES!

Tara said...

How did I miss this post? That's an awesome wager and I really want to see Ken run a half marathon. :)

Pikes Peak would be a cool hike. I've only ridden the train up and there were some gorgeous views at the top!