Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Wedding Story...

With our one year wedding anniversary just around the corner, I thought I would share a few wedding stories.

As you can tell from our wedding photos, Ken and I were married on the beach in Jamaica.  I obsessed over where we should get married for about a week.  I compiled a list of locations, cost, and reviews and utimately ended up with Jamaica.  This was my original plan the entire time, but I felt like a good amount of obsesses was necessary.  My favorite beach location is Puerto Vallarta, but I did not want to deal with having documents translated to Spanish, a blood test in a Mexican hospital, or being in Mexico for several days prior to the wedding.  Oh, not to mention, I wanted our photos to have that super white sand in the background.

Yeah, Jamaica is way different than Mexico.  Way different.  I am a little too high strung for Jamaica, period.  The moment we arrived in Montego Bay I knew Ken and I did not belong.  I do not roll well with the No Worries Mon saying.  Seriously.  I had no idea that we would be propositioned to purchase drugs at a rest stop on the way to the resort.  I had no idea that we would see houses that were smaller than my closet.  I had no idea I would see stray dogs running the streets and my heart would break.  I think I had tears in my eyes in the entire bus ride to the resort.  I wanted to go home right away. 

I knew our resort had a nude beach area, but I think I chose to over look it.  We were taken to our rooms (after the lady at the front desk snapped at me when I reached for the clipboard she was getting ready to hand me to fill out paperwork, grr...) and we started to check things out in the room.  WARNING, this next part is a little graphic.  I look at the map and tell Ken that at least we do not overlook the nude beach.  Right at this moment, Ken opens up the curtains covering the patio door and says, "Um, why is there an old man right there and why can I see his schlong?".  I instantly burst into tears.  That was the last straw.  Ken called the front desk and asked for us to be moved.  We were treated as though we were the weird ones who did not want to look at naked people during our honeymoon.  Whatever, we were reassigned to a different room that overlooked an area with fully clothed people.

That was not our last run in with the nude beach.  Ken and I wanted to get married on the beach and had no idea that the beach wedding area was right next guessed it...the nude beach.  The night prior to our wedding, we were walking along the beach and found the wedding area and noticed it was right next to the nude beach.  Surely this will not be an issue right?  Um, wrong.  Little did we know that Ken and I would get the pleasure of watching a lady in a coral thong bathing suit bottom with nothing else on, walk out to the water during our ceremony.  Let's just say that the girls were not where God had intended them to be.  I am not sure how either of us kept a straight face.  I know we could not time that to happen ever again. We did have a good laugh about it afterwards.

So there are few of the stories behind our wedding in Jamaica.  Jamaica was beautiful, just not our destination to visit.  Maybe we will try the other side of the island in a few years?  Probably not.


ajh said...

You have some unique wedding stories that is for sure! It wouldn't be my scene either!

Tara said...

Happy Anniversary! Great photos! Location photos are always the best.

KJ said...

Love the stories and the pictures! I can't believe that was your view in the first room- wow! Congrats on the upcoming anniversary! :)

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, those are some funny memories. We went to Negril for our Honeymoon but stayed at the Sandals resort the whole time. I think I saw one thong bathing suit but that was about it.