Tuesday, April 6, 2010

NYC Marathon Lottery Eve...

That's right, today is the Eve of the NYC Marathon Lottery drawing!  I can hardly wait.  Fortunately, a time line has been given as to when the results will be announced, so I do not have to make my day entirely about obsessively checking my credit card for the entry fee charge.  Okay, I will be honest, I still probably will check it a few times before they start announcing, just in case.  :)

My fingers are certainly crossed that I will get selected.  This is my third year applying and I am just not sure I can handle the rejection for a third time!  Pick me, pick me!!!

And Ken, this does not count as talking about the NYC Marathon.  You are choosing to read this, so it is out of my hands.  :)


KJ said...

SOO hope you get picked! Can't wait to hear! :) Third time's a charm!

Heather :) said...

Will cross my fingers & toes that you get selected :)