Friday, March 12, 2010

It was Suppose to be 20....

On Saturday I set out to run one of two 20 mile runs that I have scheduled for my upcoming marathon.  To be honest, I have never run more than 18 miles during training.  In my quest for a speedier marathon, I decided I must run a 20 mile training run.  I am really trying hard not to wing this marathon like I have done in the past.

Off I went.  I plan my route so that I can stop at my house to refill my water bottle and go tinkle if needed.  I carry my cell phone with me in my iFitness Belt and carry mace in my hand.  I am always ready.  I run a lot in my neighborhood, but also venture out to add hills and a little variety.  I was wanting to tackle hills during this run and the thought of running 20 miles in my neighborhood was enough to make me crazy. 

The one thing I depise most about Kansas is the wind.  It is almost always windy. It was not too bad on my way out.  Up and over the hills I went.  On the way back though, I was running up hill into the wind for what felt like a mile.  Geeze.  After I would get up the hill, the wind would still be there.  I finally made it back to my neighborhood and was a little over half way.  Wow, that seemed way too hard.  I think it was the windy maybe?  Perhaps I am just tired?

I went the other way I go where I end up running up the Killer Hill.  I loop back around into my neighborhood, pick up Miss Kya and run with her and figure we will finish this bad boy together.  Have you ever run with an excited husky when you are 17 miles into a run?  Yeah, I do not recommend it.  That girl is focussed on one thing and that is running.  She could care less that my legs were about ready to fall off, she just wanted to GO.  She and I ran a mile and half together and I saw that Ken had just pulled in the driveway.  I ran inside and asked him if he would hop on his bike and ride around with me to finish the 1.5 miles I had left.  He calmly looked at me and said no.  Seriously, I just ran 18.5 miles and you will not hop on your bike for 1.5 miles?  Nope. 

He told me that 18.5 miles was enough and I should stay inside.  Wow, that sounds good I thought.  No, no, I have to finish.  He yells "You're Crazy" as I head out.  I walk down the driveway and start out and quickly turn back around and walk back inside.  I told Ken, forget this, I am not running another 1.5 miles.  And that was that. 

On Friday I did host Game Night with my girlfriends.  We do not even play games anymore, but still call it Game Night.  We had a blast and Melissa was sure to get a picture of us before we called it a night at 1:00 am.  (In reference to being tired earlier, I waited until 1:00 pm to run and slept in until 9:00 am). 

Michelle, Erinn, Heather and Me


Wendy said...

Your marathon is getting close! Woo Hoo!

Love the idea of girl's game night.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Close enough (18.5)! I know just what you mean about dogs being go, go, go when they start running! And, yes, the wind makes me so tired!

ajh said...

The wind can drive me NUTS. Fun game night!

lindsay said...

lol. blame it on ken ;) though you definitely worked hard and the wind is good resistance-training (or at least that's what i claim) 18.5 + the length of your driveway is still a solid run. maybe you can shoot for 20 another weekend if you want it for confidence-purposes?

KJ said...

WOW- girl I'm impressed that you ran 18.5!!! If Josh did the same thing Ken did I would have forgone the lat 1.5 too. Haha.
Game night with the girls- LOVE it... and love that ya'll don't actually play games but still call it game night. :)

Marathon Maritza said...

1.5 is really negligible so I think it's ok you stayed inside. I absolutely HATE the wind too! YUCK!

So what's 'game' about 'game night' if you don't actually play games? Is it drinking games? LOL

Running Pretty said...

Glad to know someone else calls it "Tinkle" too and runs crazy loops around their neighborhood to make their mileage.