Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Half Marathon PR!!!

Yep, I ran the Kansas City Half Marathon in 1:57:35, which is a almost two minutes faster than my previous PR of 1:59:11 and on a tougher course.  I was pretty excited.  As I mentioned previously, my friend Laura came into town to run the race with me. 

The race started at 7:00 am, so it was still dark when we started.  I know in previous years it has been warmer and that is why it starts so early, but it was a little chilly when we started this year.  We actually had to run about a mile to the start because the traffic was so bad on the highway and it took us longer to get there than expected.  Maybe if I knew my own city a little better, this problem could have been avoided.  Not too mention we did not park anywhere close to where I wanted to park.  I guess things look different in the dark.  Oh well, we made it!

We ended up starting way in the back and had to dodge a lot of people out of the gate.  The hills, wow.  There were a lot of hills during the first four miles and then around mile eight.  I really felt like my hill training paid off! 

Two of my friends got up early and went downtown to cheer.  I could not believe Melissa or Michelle were willing to freeze and wake up that early.  What sweet friends I have!  They were even nice enough to give us their coats at the end because we were so cold.  They also drove us back to my car.  I am so lucky to have such great friends! 

On another note, at the finish, I ran into a guy that I used to work with six years ago in Joplin.  How random!  The funniest part is that he saw me when we were running.  He told me he knew me right away when I zoomed past him.  What gave me away, you know, the blonde hair, the fact that I am 4'10, oh yeah and the leopard print pants.  What, don't you run in leopard print pants?

The story about the pants:  They are not running pants.  I was looking over items to wear and pulled them out and Laura told me I had to wear them!  So I did.  They are not evening running pants.  They are from Express and I used to wear these pants in high school.  I now consider them my lucky pants and may have to bust them out again! 

Approaching the finish line.  I was so excited to see my friends.  In case you are wondering, I did pass all three people in front of me after this.  :)
Laura and me at the finish.
Michelle, Keri, and Melissa


Wendy said...

Yay, Keri! Great job!
What's next for you? Are you done w/races for 2009?

Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

Yay! That's a great PR and on a tougher course, too! Exciting! Too bad you had a little trouble getting to the start, but I don't think it hurt - a warm-up mile maybe? : )

Terri said...

With racing times like that you can where what ever pants you want girl! Great job on the half!

aron said...

congrats on the new PR!!!