Monday, October 26, 2009


That is the number of miles I ran this week, which is a new record!  My previous record was 42 back in May right before our wedding.  Here is the break down from the week:

Monday - 6.25 miles (three with Kya)
Tuesday - 5.25 miles (one with Kya, it started to storm)
Wednesday - 7 miles (3.25 with Kya)
Thursday - 6.5 miles (2.25 with Kya)  This was also my speedwork run
Saturday - 18 miles (6.25 with Kya)

I was only planning on running 15 or 16 miles on Saturday, but I felt great!  I even ran up a few hills during the last few miles.  I was on mile 16 and Ken sent me a text asking if I wanted to play golf with him that afternoon.  I responded back and told him I was going for 17 miles. I kept going and then when I was at mile 17, I had a text from him saying that I was the Energizer Bunny and how awesome I was doing!  That made me want to run 18!  I honestly probably could have run a marathon on Saturday, that is how good I felt! 

My average pace was 9:08, and my goal for the upcoming marathon is 9:09.  I was not even pushing it and was trying to take it easy and ran over a lot of hills.  I guess the speedwork and running with a 42 pound Husky is paying off!  Yes, I said that out loud, speedwork does help you get faster!  I never did speedwork my first year of marathon training.  I think the best part is hearing Ken tell me how proud he is of me for getting faster.  He remembers when I was running a 10 minute mile.  I was just as thrilled and proud to run that speed as I am to be faster now.  It is an accomplishment no matter what pace you run.  I just like giving myself new goals because I am that competitive with myself.

I told Ken that I beat my previous mileage record by one mile.  He says, oh, that is why you ran 18 miles instead of 17, so you can beat your record.  Well of course!

Yay for Monday and it is Halloween week!


Melissa said...

Did you seriously really just write...Yay for Monday? WTH! BOOO! Sorry I want to go back to sleep!

Congrats on the miles and feeling so good. Your doing awesome!

Wendy said...

Sounds like a great week! Good job!
I need to do more speed work.

Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

43 is a lot of miles! That's impressive and so is running an unplanned 18 miler, but what I'm esp. impressed with is that 9:08 average pace on such a long run! I think a 9:09 pace at the marathon is going to be easy for you. : )

Terri said...

Hey Keri, I am impressed you run all that mileage with Kya. I saw a picture of her on one of your older post. She is beautiful and sounds like a great running partner. After running just a couple of miles w/ my dog the other night my arms felt it. I think it is great how your pace has increased. It is so motivating to see milestones like that achieved. Thanks for stopping by on my blog.