Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Italy and Switzerland...Day 12: Murren and Gimmelwald...

We woke up Monday feeling pretty tired.  We enjoyed breakfast at our hotel and then walked down the street to enjoy some lattes at one of the cafes in town.

I always love a good latte in Europe.

We sat at the cafe for about an hour or so people watching and enjoying multiple lattes.  It was a pretty great way to start the day.  

Our big plan for the day was to walk down the valley and make our way up to Murren and Gimmelwald for the day.  One of our favorite things to do is walk the valley floor and watch the BASE jumpers land in the valley.  We were fortunate enough to see several of them on our way to the Murren cable car.

Walking past my favorite house in Lauterbrunnen.  I have got to figure out how I can live here.

Nothing but blue skies

I cannot believe that Ken and I got to experience the trails on the mountains at the end of the valley.  

After a rather warm walk down the valley, we arrived at the cable car station and took the cable car up to Murren.  We wandered around Murren for a bit before deciding to find a place to enjoy a cocktail and a little lunch.


Ken waiting on our pizza.  Talk about lunch with a view!

The view of the restaurant.  It had amazing views all around.

After lunch, we walked around and shopped a bit before deciding to stop at Hotel Bellevue for some drinks on the patio.  We liked this place so much that we wished we had wandered upon it before we had eaten lunch.  Alas, we sat here for quite a while enjoying the views and watching the paragliders over the valley.

I do think the views from Murren are quite beautiful

Watching the paragliders

As we were sitting at Hotel Bellevue, we saw two American couples playing canasta together.  We laughed because they were debating about whether or not they should have their one afternoon glass of wine.  We laughed because we were both on drink number three at that point.  I mean, it is vacation after all and we do not have these kind of views at home.

As we were leaving Murren heading to Gimmelwald, we found a little shop that was selling cowbells.  We had decided that we really wanted to bring home a Swiss cowbell since we love hearing the bells so much while we hike.  We left with our own Swiss cowbell to enjoy at home.  Just wait until we get bored and put that thing on Kya for an afternoon.  I kid, I kid...

Armed with our new cowbell, we started our walk down to Gimmelwald.  Ken picked me a flower and then started flipping weeds at me.  We are all about entertaining ourselves apparently.

Ken mid-shot of flipping a weed at me.  P.S. I picked him a flower and he attached it to his belt.  It later fell in the urinal while he was peeing and almost gave him a heart attack.

Once we arrived in Gimmelwald, we stopped at this shop for a brownie.  I feel like I need to wear a sign that says will break for a brownie.

After we got the brownie, we came across a kitty cat.  I stopped for some kitty loving and Ken desperately tried to capture the moment to tell on me to our cats.  

This proves absolutely nothing, although I am sure Angel and Theo would be quite pissed to see it.

Some pretty flowers in Gimmelwald. They were so pretty!

We stopped in the biergarten that was located at the Pension in Gimmelwald.  We were right next to the Mountain Hostel, which is usually our go to place.

Overlooking the Mountain Hostel.

We quickly discovered that this might be our new favorite place because they serve one liters of Dunkel!  Ken was in Heaven.

Gimmelwald, where all of Ken's dreams come true.  Side note:  there was a rather odd situation going on behind Ken.  The guy was American and really drunk while wearing boating clothes.  The girl was German and he kept molesting her face.  It was a train wreck and I could not stop staring.

Enjoying a little taste of Ken's dunkel.  I also liked this place because they have rose!

After a while, it was time for us to take the cable car back down to the valley floor and walk back to Lauterbrunnen.  

One of the farms in the valley that sells cheese.

We were pretty indecisive for dinner.  We wanted to stop by the butcher shop for another sandwich, but he was not open during the week.  At this point, we were so tired of eating out and we did not stop at the Co-op before it closed for something simple.  We ended up at eating dinner at Hotel Steinbock by the train station.  We ended the evening with wine on our balcony.  Just a low key day in Switzerland.

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