Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Italy and Switzerland...Day 8: Traveling to Lauterbrunnen...

We woke up on Thursday sad to be leaving Italy, but very excited about arriving in Switzerland!  I got up early for a quick run around Camogli for one last Italian hurrah.

I ran down the pier to check out the harbor view

Camogli before everyone else rises for the day.  I always love checking out places while everyone else is sleeping.

We had pre-purchased tickets for the 8:30 am train from Camogli to Genova and then onto Milan.  We were both feeling a little bit grumpy too.  We were able to grab pastries from our hotel for breakfast but unable to get coffee to go.  We stopped at a little cafe for coffees to go and this is when we had our first true disagreement of the trip.  I was short with Ken and he was short with me.  He ended up leaving saying he didn't want a coffee, but I ordered him one anyways.  

I got our coffees and walked out and did not see him anywhere, which made me quite mad.  I huffed and puffed my way to the train station with my backpack and our two coffees and a sack with our pastries.  Plus, Ken's coffee was lava hot with zero creamer or milk in it.  I was pretty worked up (and relieved) when I arrived to the train station and saw that Ken was there.  I handed him his coffee and he looked at me with a straight face and told me he did not want it.  I was so mad.  I set it down and quite honestly considered kicking it over in anger, but there were school children present.  

I calmly walked away (after demanding my passport from Ken and throwing his train ticket at him) reminding myself to be cool and vowed I would not sit by him on the train.  After a few train changes we were on our way to Spiez Switzerland on the final train from Milan and Ken asked me if I wanted to go get some wine from the dining cart.  Well sure, I will talk to you now, you are offering wine and snacks.  So, on to the dining cart we went, disregarding the morning.

It is hard to stay mad at him for long with those blue eyes and the offering of wine and snacks.

We rode along and enjoyed the scenery along with our drinks and soon enough, we got our first peek at the alps.

Getting a little peek of the Alps from the train

After getting to Spiez, we boarded the train to Interlaken to get on the our final train to Lauterbrunnen. The train ride was just as gorgeous as I remembered.  We were so excited to finally be on our way to our favorite place.  

Hello Lauterbrunnen!  

Main Street in Lauterbrunnen

We checked into our hotel, Hotel Staubbach, and went out for a late lunch at Weid Stubli, a favorite of ours.  We had already planned on having a pretty low key day, but the clouds reaffirmed it for us.

The view of Staubbach Falls on the way to Weid Stubli

We enjoyed some Swiss fare and discussed our plans for the next few days.  We wandered around the village, stopped at the Co-op for snacks and wine and hung out on our balcony for the evening.  

Our balcony view for six nights

We were relaxing in our room when we heard an unmistakable sound.  We both immediately shot up and ran out to our balcony and confirmed it was indeed what we thought.  A farmer was bringing his cows how down the main street in Lauterbrunnen!

Heading home for the evening

There is nothing quite like the sound of cow bells in Switzlerland!  The best part is that this is real life and not done for show.  The farmer really was bringing his cows home for the night.

The straggler cow that was lagging behind.

Seeing the cows completely made my day!  I cannot think of a better way to end a low key day in Lauterbrunnen!  We were both pretty tired from our long day of travel and called it an early night.  Why is it that travel is so exhausting?  We had big plans for the next day and could not wait to set out on an adventure.

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Melanie said...

HA! I know exactly what those kinds of disagreements are like. I can so imagine wanting to kick over that coffee cup, too! These pictures are gorgeous and make me want to go!