Sunday, April 23, 2017

Life Lately...

Here are a few moments from our life lately.

We went shopping at Suburban Lawn and Garden and Ken had a little fun playing around in the trees.

Poor Theo had to take a trip to the vet.  He ended up having an infected anal gland.  I was unaware that cats even had anal glands.  No worries, he got an antibiotic shot and was oh so brave.  The vet even told him how brave he was and was surprised to learn that Theo is 15!  

We spent a Sunday afternoon at Somerset Ridge for the release of their rose.  Katie and me enjoying one of our favorite wines.  (my tank)

We went to the park for Ken to kayak on the lake.  Kya enjoyed watching the geese and ducks.

Kya hid a few nuggets of food outside.  You never now when an emergency might occur and these nuggets will be needed. #doomsdayprepper

The Easter Bunny visited our house and brought everyone something special.  The pink bunny was courtesy of our neighbor Kyle.

That is a look into what has been happening lately.

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