Friday, March 24, 2017

Prairie Spirit 100 Miler...

So, I am running a 100 mile race tomorrow.  I will pause while you collect yourself.

I realize this is the first time I am mentioning it on here and really did not say much about it leading up to it.  I have been training for several months, but really did not find the need to say anything about it or register until recently.

I was slightly hesitant considering taking on such a big event while I was orienting at the hospital, so I waited until February 28th to register.  I am not entirely sure why the lack of mention except that maybe because this is such an intimidating goal.  I was pretty terrified about it until this week when I was faced with some real fears at the hospital.  There is nothing quite like having things that happen in the ICU to put things into perspective.

So, while I am running from Ottawa, KS to Iola, KS tomorrow and into Sunday, I will be constantly reminding myself of the quote below.

Oh so true!

I have a great group of people that will be with me for the adventure this weekend.  Mike and Katie will be with us and Mike has agreed to pace me for 9 miles all while wearing a speedo.  We will see if he holds true to that one.  My friend Cori will be there and is bringing a few of her friends to help pace me as well.  I have some pretty amazing friends!  I also cannot forget about Ken, who is obligated by marriage to participate, but also looks forward to these types of events.  He has a whole plan in place complete with a propane heater and a pop up tent.  It should be a fun weekend!  Well, as fun as running 100 miles in less than 30 hours can be.  

Ken will be posting photos on Instagram if you would like to follow along!  His user name is Glorydaze10

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