Thursday, February 23, 2017

Celebrating Ken's Birthday...

We celebrated Ken's birthday in all of his favorite ways.  There was Buffalo Wild Wings, beer, cupcakes, and a day with friends.  The only thing missing was a hike, but the weather has been too warm for that.

Nine years of celebrating at Buffalo Wild Wings!  Birthday boys choice!

This was on our garage door when we arrived home.  Our sweet neighbor Kyle had prepared a scavenger hunt for Ken to find his birthday gift.

Ken and Kyle and a Texas Rangers shirt?  Kyle is a born and raised Texas fan.  He can probably expect something Cardinals for Christmas...

Meanwhile, Kya played with Kyle's dog, Ranger.

All of the signs for the scavenger hunt. That Kyle is one creative kid.

The birthday boy and his girl!

We had cupcakes and beers and celebrated everything about Ken.  The four of us sure do love and appreciate him!

On Sunday, we went out with Mike and Katie for the 3rd Annual Brewery Tour.  It was such a nice day that we only made three stops this year, mainly because we wanted to spend the afternoon at KC Bier Co.

Ken and Katie celebrating

Mike and me.  Mike was later asked if I was his wife, which we both thought was funny!

Happy Birthday Ken!  We will celebrate pretty hard in Europe this summer!

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