Saturday, December 17, 2016

Graduation Day...

My graduation day started of with brunch with two of my nursing school besties.  We talked about the upcoming day and made plans that we will be meeting up for brunch/cocktails or something at least once a month.  I am so sad thinking about not seeing them every week!  

When I got home, Ken told me he had a present for me.  I was absolutely clueless as to what it might be because I had not asked for anything and I am quite difficult to shop for.  He handed me a wrapped box and I almost died.  I could not believe that he had wrapped a present for me.  It could have been a cat toy at that point.  My heart had already melted.  I opened the present and my heart melted even more.  It was a new stethoscope that was pink.  It was a far nicer stethoscope than I would have ever purchased for myself.  He had put so much thought into and made sure it was pink.  It absolutely made my day.  I pulled it out and listened to Ken's heart beat so that his heart would be the very first one I would listen to with my new stethoscope.  That husband of mine is so sweet!

Saint Luke's College of Health Sciences BSN class of 2016
I did not realize the girl next to me was so tall until I saw this photo, ha, ha!

My friends Amy and Amanda

Beth and I with our signature pose.  Beth and I were clinical partners for complex care in the ICU. We had so much fun together and we found that she would always stand just behind my shoulder when I would chart, but I would have no idea she was back there.  She was the best clinical partner I could have ever asked for and not only because she took care of the eye drops for me since I have an eye thing.  She is going to be working in the ICU as well in the float pool, so I know at some point we will be able to work a few shifts together.  We found that we both get the giggles around 4:00 am on night shift, no matter how much coffee we drink.

These three ladies make my heart so happy.  I know nursing school would not have been the same without them.  I am so proud to say that all of us will be critical care nurses and received our first choice of units.  I will be in the ICU, Brittnee will be in the ER, Madison will be in the NICU, and Amanda will be in the ER.  I love these girls to pieces.

Grateful is the only word that really comes to mind when I look at this picture.  I think all girls should be as blessed as I am in the husband department.  He is my biggest cheerleader in everything that I do. 

After graduation we went to Spin Pizza with Ken's parents and Mike and Katie.  It was the end to a perfect day!

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