Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Frisco, CO: Day 5...

We had plans to drive to Breckenridge and hike back to Frisco, but we woke up to rain.  We looked at the forecast and the weather was not going to be the best, so we decided to go ahead and drive home instead of staying the extra day we had planned.

We loaded up the car and hit the road!  We stopped for a delicious breakfast at the Log Cabin Cafe.  After our tummies were full, we hit I-70 and made our way back to Kansas.

Kya was ready to hit the road and get home to her cats!

We took our time driving back and decided to stop at Wilson Lake State Park which was about 10 miles off of 70.  We ended up finding a rather large lake that has a few hiking trails.  We might be making our way out here again for a weekend of hiking.

Wilson Lake State Park

We both welcomed the stop to stretch our legs.  Sadly, it was about 80 degrees, which we were not expecting.

A Kansas farm we saw along the way

We ended up having a great trip to Colorado!  We loved Frisco even more than we thought we would.  It was just the break that I needed to knock out the final few weeks of nursing school!

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