Sunday, October 2, 2016


October is definitely one of our favorite times of year.  We spent the first weekend of October enjoying as much time outside as possible!

I spent Saturday working at White House and was super excited to wear Fall clothes!  Sier'a and I had a fun Saturday at the store.

Sunday was all about Kya.  Honestly, my life is always all about Kya and the cats.  

We started our morning off with a walk to Starbucks.  Kya loves having an ice water at Starbucks!

We spent the remainder of our afternoon in the back yard enjoying the cool weather.

I feel pretty confident that Kya knows she is beautiful!

I absolutely adore this girl.  She is definitely a mama's girl.

It is Kya's world and if she wants to lay on her daddy's foot, that is her prerogative! 

Ken caught Kya and me snuggling. This picture 100% melts my heart.  

Our first October weekend was a great start to what should be a wonderful month at our house!

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