Sunday, October 30, 2016

Frisco, CO: Day 1...

Over my Fall break this year we decided to make our way to Frisco, CO for some Fall Family Fun.  Of course by driving, it meant that Miss Kya could join us!  We love taking her with us on vacation.  We left on a Friday morning after I had a night time clinical.  The plan was for me to sleep in the back seat while Ken drove.  Sweet Ken had set up pillows and blankets for me to catch my zzz's!

I tried really hard to stay awake and talk for awhile on the drive, but it was just not happening.  I talked to Ken, but I could not tell you what we talked about.  I was tired!

I woke up when we stopped for gas and a bathroom break in Russell, KS and I had the hardest time deciding on what brand of water to by.  I stood in front of the cooler for far to long debating such an important decision.  I am glad that was the only decision I was faced with that morning!

While I was sleeping, I did have a sweet girl that kept checking on me.  When I started to wake up for the day right around lunch time, I saw this sweet little face.

My favorite passenger

The drive was pretty uneventful except that we hit rush hour traffic in Denver.  We arrived to Frisco around 6:00 pm and noticed that they had already had their first snow of the season the day prior.  We were staying in a house that I found on and it was the perfect place to stay.  We were just a few blocks off of Main Street, which was super convenient for us.  

We unloaded our stuff and took Miss Kya out for a walk to explore downtown Frisco.  

Checking out downtown Frisco

A true husky, finding even the smallest amount of snow!

Since it was getting dark and we were hungry, we walked Kya back to the house and walked back to downtown to find a place for dinner.  We decided to go to Backcountry Brewery for pizza and beers.  

Nothing says Colorado quite like craft beer. Ken had a porter and I had the double breakfast stout, which was an unusual choice for me.

Super exhausted after working all night, but ready for vacation with my family!

After pizza and beers, we walked back to the house and crashed.  Or at least I did.  The first day after flipping back to day shift is tough people.  We all three got a good night of sleep for our first full day of hiking in the Rockies!

Sunday, October 2, 2016


October is definitely one of our favorite times of year.  We spent the first weekend of October enjoying as much time outside as possible!

I spent Saturday working at White House and was super excited to wear Fall clothes!  Sier'a and I had a fun Saturday at the store.

Sunday was all about Kya.  Honestly, my life is always all about Kya and the cats.  

We started our morning off with a walk to Starbucks.  Kya loves having an ice water at Starbucks!

We spent the remainder of our afternoon in the back yard enjoying the cool weather.

I feel pretty confident that Kya knows she is beautiful!

I absolutely adore this girl.  She is definitely a mama's girl.

It is Kya's world and if she wants to lay on her daddy's foot, that is her prerogative! 

Ken caught Kya and me snuggling. This picture 100% melts my heart.  

Our first October weekend was a great start to what should be a wonderful month at our house!