Sunday, August 21, 2016

Life Lately...

Things have been pretty uneventful the past few weeks. School has started back for me, (yay!) and I am finding a new routine.  

My two loves heading out for a walk while I was going running.  I love that fluffy tail.

We spent last Sunday afternoon at one of our favorite places, Somerset Winery, with some of our favorite people!  We were celebrating my last full time week in the OR.  

The beautiful sunset we got to see on our walk the other night.  There are not many things that I love about Kansas, but the sunsets are definitely one of them!

I have night time clinicals this semester and I had my first one on Thursday this past week.  I woke up on Friday afternoon to this.  I think they were super concerned as to why their overly active mama was sleeping during the day!  Angel had also brought me one of her toy mice to sleep with, what a sweetheart!

That is a peek into our life lately!

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