Thursday, July 21, 2016

Happenings Before Vacation...

The week before we left for Europe was super busy for us!  We did a lot of fun things that I want to be sure and document.

After working an afternoon at White House, Sier'a and I went out for a glass of wine to celebrate her recent graduation.  This girl is in the process of applying for medical school and I am so excited for her!

I absolutely adore Sier'a!  We had a great time chatting about everything.  

Ken and I went out for Sunday brunch.  We were wanting to go to the Voltaire, which is amazing, but they do not open until 11:00.  We decided to go to the Royale, which is next door, and it was amazing!  They have wonderful bloody Mary's and our food was to die for.

Sunday brunch at the Royale

We celebrated our favorite teenager having a birthday.  Mr. Braeson turned 15 on our anniversary, so we celebrated with an early birthday dinner.

Between the two of us it is a toss up as to who can eat more sweets.

Our friend Jane had us over for dinner a few nights before we left.  She had done a similar trip in the 90's and had us over so we could see her pictures and discuss things she did while in Europe.  She was so sweet and cooked us a German meal complete with dessert.  We had a wonderful evening spending time with her and are very grateful that she is only one mile from our door.

I love that she decorated with German beer steins!

Delicious dessert by Jane!

It seems like it was forever ago, but it was an amazing week with so many different friends!

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