Monday, July 11, 2016

Europe 2016: Day 13...Vienna...

I woke up on Wednesday an ran around Hallstatt.  Hallstatt is not that big, but I managed to get a four mile run in.  We packed up and made our way to the ferry to get to the train station to go to Vienna!

Early morning view from our balcony

Saying good-bye to beautiful Hallstatt!

When we boarded the ferry, we were the only non-Asian people on the ferry and it was quite crowded.  All of the other passengers had huge wheely bags and were packed in there.  Ken and I decided to wait until the very last minute to board the ferry, since being trampled by a group of Asian tourists with wheely bags is a real fear that we have.  In that moment, it seemed possible!

Anyway, the ferry driver did not like Ken and me and ended up mumbling "Stupid American" to Ken.  I pretty much lost my shit on him.  Ken had no clue what was going on and thought I was picking a fight with the Asians.  It was a pretty funny situation, but the ferry worker was completely out of line for no reason.  Honestly, we blamed Fritz at the bike rental for wishing bad karma on us.  In other news, the second ferry worker was super nice and talked to us all about the places we had traveled and asked us questions about the United States.

Alas, we were aboard a the train to Vienna.  The ride from Hallstatt to Vienna was about three and half hours and we both took little cat naps.

We arrived to Vienna and figured out how to get to the downtown/Old Town and checked into our room.  We quickly realized that Vienna is absolutely gorgeous!  It is the most beautiful city we have ever visited.

Downtown Vienna

St. Stephen's Cathedral

We really just ended up wandering around Vienna our first day.  We stopped for lunch and topped it off with an amazing gelato sundae.  We later learned that we were staying right by all of the gelato hot spots that were famous in Vienna for gelato.  I have never seen so many people eat ice cream!  It seems as though the Viennese love gelato, wine, and coffee, three of my favorite things!.  I told Ken that I am definitely Viennese at heart.  

Vienna is known for white wine.  

Ken enjoying his wine and the sunshine in Vienna

We had a beautiful blue sky day to sit outside and enjoy wine while we were people watching.

Downtown Vienna.  I really liked the architecture of the buildings with all of the detail.  

Downtown Vienna

After a few glasses of wine, we wandered over to the Hofburg Imperial Palace and gardens.  

Hofburg Palace.  It was stunning from the outside and quite huge.  We did not go inside, but enjoyed wandering around the gardens.

There was a dog park on the grounds and we stopped to watch the dogs play.  This guy here is getting in a lot of trouble and we watched him get a stern talking to.  It really made me miss Kya!  

Enjoying the gardens at Hofburg Palace

The Volksgarten

We found a cute place for dinner and wandered around Vienna a little more.  We were not ready to go to bed yet, so we found a place with outdoor seating to enjoy some more wine.  

It was a lovely evening in Vienna!

The Opera House sets up a TV to show the Opera to people on the streets.  We sat for a few moments and watched, but since we do not know much German, we did not stay long.  It was really cool to see the production that was going on inside the building.

Vienna at night

Us with St. Stephen's Cathedral

Vienna was a welcomed change of pace for us after all of the outdoorsy stuff we had been doing.  We went to bed very grateful to get to see such a beautiful city.

Up Next, another day in Vienna!

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