Sunday, June 19, 2016

Europe 2016: Day 5...Munich, Germany...

We had a 6:33 am train out of Lauterbrunnen, which came super early.  On the walk to the train station I informed Ken that I had underestimated exactly how much chocolate would weigh.  It definitely made my backpack heavier, but I am all about making sacrifices.

Our train from Zurich to Munich was kind of blah until we went to sit in the dining car for drinks and food.  It was much cooler there and there were snacks.  We call that a win-win at our house.

Greetings from somewhere outside of Lindau, Germany!

We arrived to a rainy Munich.  It was a little chilly too.  Ken and I are starting to believe that it is always raining in Munich!  The rain did not stop us and we headed out to our favorite biergarten, Augustiner, for lunch and dunkel!

Mike and Katie at Augustiner

We were excited to be in Munich!

This was going to be our last afternoon with Mike and Katie, as they were taking a night train to Venice that evening.  We tried to make the best of our time with them in Munich, but mainly hit the highlights near the old town.  Our first order of business was to drink dunkel!

These two have been waiting quite a while to drink one liter dunkels at the Augustiner!


We heart dunkel!

My delicious food!  It was a schnitzel and spaetzle.  It was absolutely wonderful too.

The best part about siting outside at the Augustiner is the heaters and the blankets.  It drizzled on and off, but we were covered under the umbrella.  It was while we were sitting there that we realized Mike had misplaced his umbrella.  There was a moment of accusation, where Mike thought Ken had stolen it, but alas, he had not.  Umbrella-gate continues, as the umbrella was never located!  We believe Mike left it in the restroom and some lucky soul scored the umbrella.  I am sure that umbrella has quite the story to tell.

After our time a the Augustiner, we wandered around the Marienplatz and then did what everyone does in Munich, we went to the Hofbrauhaus.  We were lucky and scored seats right away at a roomy table. 

The New Town Hall in the Marienplatz

Just another rainy day in Munich!

We were waiting on Katie to buy something at a store and I have no idea what I am smiling at here.  It must have been something good!

One liters of dunkel? Yes please!

My drink of choice was a Russn, which is have wheat beer and half lemonade.

Having a blast in Munich at the Hofbrauhaus!

Ken with the oompa band

When I went up to take the picture of Ken with the band, one of the horn players was winking at me and motioned me over.  He was the sweetest guy!

My new friend at the Hofbrauhaus

A nice couple for the UK sat down with us.  We started talking with them and learned that the girl was going to college in Wichita!  What a small world!  They were a super friendly couple and we enjoyed our time with them.  We hope to see them in Kansas at some point.

Our new friends Lizzie and Lee from the UK

Out of all of our days on the trip, this was the day that I was the most tired.  I think it had something to do with the long train ride.  We said good-bye to Mike and Katie as they made their way to Italy. We had a great first day in Munich!

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