Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Europe 2016: Day 3...Lauterbrunnen and Wengen

On Sunday I woke up and went for a run down the valley. I think I would be a fool not to run in my favorite place in the world.  I fear that my runner card would be revoked if I did not run in this beautiful area.

Obviously, I took a few pictures of the valley during my run.  It was cloudy and oh so beautiful.

The clouds were covering the peaks, but I did not care!

The Lauterbrunnen Valley is beautiful, even with storm clouds rolling in.

My darling cow friends

After I finished my run, I found Ken sitting on the patio enjoying his coffee and talking with a very friendly gentleman from Texas.  His name was Randy and he and his son were visiting from Fort Worth.  He was really great to talk to and graciously referred to me as the trip planner when I came walking up.  Ha, ha, I am very glad to hear that Ken gives me credit for all of my hard work and planning.  Randy was so kind listening to our upcoming plans.  He informed me that he has visited Lauterbrunnen SEVEN times and always stays at Hotel Staubbach.  It is easy to see why people keep coming back again and again.

The beautiful view from the patio at Hotel Staubbach.  The clouds were definitely creeping closer and closer.

The beautiful church in Lauterbrunnen

After breakfast, we sat on the patio and enjoyed a little more coffee.  We were treated to quite the show with the church bells ringing on this stormy Sunday morning.

The bells rang like this for about 10 minutes.  Nothing says get your booty to church on Sunday quite like nonstop bell ringing.  

A rainy Sunday morning in Lauterbrunnen.

While we were making plans for the day, we decided we should go to Wengen and hike to Kleine Scheidegg since this was a hike Ken and I had been really hoping to do.  We left the hotel armed with umbrellas and warms clothes and made our way to the train station, purchased tickets to Wengen, and were on our way.  

As we were on the train to Wengen, Ken was thanking his lucky stars he was not hiking up it like last time.  I have to give him credit, he will not let me fool him twice.  

When we arrived in Wengen, it was raining much harder than it was in Lauterbrunnen.  It was also much colder.  We decided we should stop for drinks because you know, vacation.  We found a little spot to stay dry and warm and enjoyed beer and wine.  

After our drinks, we left and it was still raining.  We decided to call it and skip the hike to Kleine Scheidegg and instead hike back down to Lauterbrunnen.  As we were hiking down, Ken kept reminding me that this is what "normal" people do, hike down from Wengen instead of up.  I guess it is safe to say the scars from 2014 run deep.

I have to admit, the views hiking down are just as beautiful as hiking up, just without as much cardio.

A peek down into the valley

This is ended up being one our our favorite pictures from our time in Lauterbrunnen.  There is something very mysterious about the clouds in the valley.  I would much rather visit when there are blue skies, but I am grateful I got to see the valley from a different perspective.  

Ken, the llama, making his way down the trail.  There is a backpack under is coat, FYI.

This picture was taken not long after the one above.  It is amazing how quickly the clouds move around.  

Mike and Katie hiking down from Wengen.  

Katie and me and Staubbach Falls in the background

Making the best of a rainy hike with one of my favorite hiking buddies.

It was raining on us at a steady drizzle.  Hotel Staubbach was kind enough to give us a few ponchos to wear in case we needed them.  Everyone else had rain jackets with the exception of me.  When we left Wengen, Ken insisted on me wearing the poncho that we named the body condom.  There may have been an argument about it, but I caved and put it on.

Me and my body condom.  I put up quite the fight to keep from wearing it, but some battles are better left un-fought.  I am not going to lie, it did keep me warm and dry.  I guess this is one of those times where Ken was right.  Just keeping it real!

We were not going to let a little rain ruin our day!

Arriving back to Lauterbrunnen we were greeted with this beautiful view.  That is hotel Staubbach on the right.


After we arrived back to town, we set out to find some grub.  We decided that Mike should make the selection as to where to go.  He chose Restuarant Weidstubli.  I have to say, he made a great choice because all of our food was delicious!  

My crew waiting on rosties, pizza, and fondue

We all praised Mike for his restaurant selection and he rewarded himself with a Jungfrau beer.

After our late lunch, we all kind of went our separate ways.  Ken took a nap, Mike and Katie read a little bit and then took naps, and I went out to buy more chocolate because you know, priorities.  After our restful afternoon, we went out for a walk down the valley. 

I wish I could walk down this valley every evening.

I love how the clouds just sit in the valley

Stopping for a picture with a Swiss cow is a must

One of the Jackson's learned that there is an electric fence surrounding the perimeter of the cows.  I will let you all decide which one.

After our walk around the valley, we went to Hotel Oberland in search of apple strudel.  It was absolutely divine!  

Hotel Oberland Apple Strudel.  Come to mama.  

A view of Staubbach Falls at night time

While it was not the second day we had hoped for, we still had a wonderful time and enjoyed our time.  Ken and I had not realized how fortunate we were to have blue skies on our last visit.  I think any day in Switzerland is a good day!

Wrapping up day two!

Next up, more hiking in Lauterbrunnen!

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Melanie said...

I love that you honestly hint at the bickering that can occur while traveling with your spouse. I also love that chocolate is a priority. I think this is real life. Goodness knows I am crazy about my husband, but we definitely bicker. It's also hard to admit when the other is right! On another note, I think it's neat y'all got to experience a rainy/cloudy day!