Sunday, May 15, 2016

The End of an Era...

Today marks the end of my time at home.  Yep, tomorrow is my first official day where I have to get up and go to work with the masses.  Gulp.  It was bound to happen eventually.

I was at home for almost two years.  The first six months I worked from home before I started nursing school.  After nursing school began, well, I was working a little from home and loving being with my hooligans.  

I am not going to lie, it was not always fun.  I am social.  I like to talk.  I crack jokes all of them time.  I need to be around people.  I really do.  All that being said, I am so incredibly grateful for the time I got to spend at home with my babies.  I will always be grateful for Oakwood allowing me to be at home, and most of all, Ken.  Without Ken, none of this would have been possible and I am forever grateful that he is such a wonderful husband and afforded me the time at home with my babies.

I am fully aware that to most people they are animals, but not to me.  The way that people feel about their children is the way I feel about Angel, Theodore, and Kya.  They are my world.  In my time at home I broke up disagreements between them, said, "we do not behave this way!" more times than I can count, and I spent many days cuddling and watching movies with my hoolies.  

On Thursday and Friday, the four of us felt a little nostalgic.  I was fully aware that many of things we were doing, were going to be for the last time before mama hits the real world.  Of course, we made each moment count and I took a few extra moments to enjoy the kitty fights, cat naps, mouse beatings, and the adorable husky sleeping in the backyard.  

My sweeties and me enjoying our Thursday night wine because when you have nowhere to be on Friday morning, you put on the PJ's and enjoy a glass or two!  Please excuse the frightening devil eyes from the hoolies.

Theodore really showed his personality while I was at home.  I know he is sleeping in this picture, but he really became my work and study buddy while I was at home.  He also mastered the need for a mid-morning nap.

These two really are the boss of me.  My life is run by two white cats.  Do they not look intimidating? 

I enjoyed watching Kya sleep in the most random places outside. We also really enjoyed our runs and walks during the day while other people were at work.

This girl and I did one of our most favorite things and walked to Starbucks together.  

The truth is, the next time Ken asks me what I have going on tomorrow, I cannot wait to reply with something more meaningful than walking to Starbucks for a latte.  I feel like I will have a purpose again, and that is something that is pretty important for this driven girl.  The biggest issue I am going to have is the reality that I have to hit the grocery store in the evenings or on the weekend.  First world problems, you know?

I am going to miss many things about being at home, but it is really time for me to take my next big girl step.  Starting tomorrow, I will be working in the operating room!  That is right, the OR right where I was hoping I would end up!  I still have one semester of school left, but after that and pending the passing of the NCLEX, I will be a Registered Nurse in the OR.  Eeeks!!!

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