Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Nursing School Update...

Well, well, well, it is hard to believe that I am wrapping up my third semester and only have one more to go!  I guess that makes me 3/4 of a nurse.  Even with that, please oh please do not code in front of me.  I am still a CPR virgin.  I know at some point the band-aid will be ripped off and it will be done, but for the time I am just an innocent little nursing student.

This semester was not my favorite, not at all.  I will spare you all the reasons why, but the community content just did not align with my personal beliefs.  I will say this, I am all about empowering people instead of feeling sorry for them.  End of discussion.

I was not placed in the hospital for clinical this semester, since we were in the community.  Instead, I was at a middle school, with middle school children.  It was really not as bad as I was thinking it would be.  I learned that I like middle school children far more than elementary school children.  I was fortunate enough that the nurse at my middle school was amazing.  She was basically me.  She and I talked so much and I really enjoyed spending my days with her.  All of that being said, I cannot say that I will be rushing out to be a school nurse anytime soon.  If I wanted children to complain to me about their throats hurting, I would get pregnant.  :)

On my last day of clinical at the school, there was an abstinence speaker talking to the 8th graders.  I did the whole roll my eyes, I cannot believe they are still teaching abstinence in schools.  I am more of the "wrap that shit up, I know you are having sex" party.  As it turns out, the speaker was amazing.  She brought a perspective of if you have sex, you need to think about what is on the other side of yes.  I did almost laugh out loud when she was talking about the effectiveness of condoms.  I was instantly taken back to the Friends episode where Rachel tells Ross she is pregnant.  I was suddenly imagining Ross shouting, "3%, THEY SHOULD PUT THAT ON THE BOX!!!"

I always love relating life to Friends episodes.  Anyway, the speaker was better than I imagined.  I also found myself looking around the room swearing that these kids are not old enough to babysit Kya, let alone be having sex.  I guess I am officially an old lady when I think teenagers look like 10 year olds.  

Moving on...Last semester my Evidenced-Based Practice group won our group presentations.  This basically meant that I got to add a line to my resume and attend a few different EBP presentations with other schools.

EBPing it like a boss

Our research was napping during the night shift.  Apparently, nurses used to get fired if they dozed off during their shifts.  

I have my final tomorrow and then school is our for summer!  

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