Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December Shenanigans...

I absolutely love the month of December.  I guess more specifically, I love everything that surrounds Christmas.  This year I told Ken that I wanted to to something Christmasy every day.  We succeeded, even if it was as small as drinking cocoa by the fire or walking to Starbucks for a Christmas latte.

Here is a peek into our December.

We enjoyed a cranberry old fashion courtesy of Southern Living.  They were a little strong for my taste, but Ken really enjoyed them. 

We went to Overland Park Luminary Walk with Brian and Jill.  

Ken and Mike went to Florida for a golf trip.  They had a ton of fun.

We had many of cocktails with wonderful friends!

Kya liked to hang out by the fireplace and keep tabs on the stockings.  You know, just in case Santa arrived early.

Theodore thought it was extra important to hang out underneath the Christmas tree.  I would often find him and Angel both.  I have to say, they like to lay under it but fortunately, they do not mess with it at all.

I spent the first week of December studying like a mad woman while drinking lots of cocoa.  The studying paid off and I earned my 4.0. :)

I had a wonderful evening with some of my favorite ladies from White House Black Market.  These ladies make me laugh so much!  They love to tease me since I am the only blonde.  

Kya and I spent a lot of time by the fire in are jammies.

One of my favorite things to do is load Angel up in the car and take her to look at Christmas lights.  She is one of those odd cats that loves to go bye-bye in the car.  She usually gets so excited that by the end of the night she is sound asleep in my lap!

Jill, Avery, and I had a girls day shopping and dining around the Plaza.  That Avery is a mess, but I sure do love her!  She loves spending time with her fun Aunt Keri, especially when Aunt Keri lets her play in her make-up.

Kya did a little Christmas shopping for her siblings.  She may have even lifted her leg and peed on an aisle inside Petco.  Oops.

We also managed a fun hike since Ken has been off work for Christmas vacation.  

I will admit, I am not looking forward to taking down my Christmas decorations, but alas, the season is winding down.  I can always sneak a Christmas song or two in between now and November and no one has to know!

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