Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Royals Game...

I am sure you all have heard that the Royals won the World Series.  While Ken and I did not attend a World Series game, we did get to attend an ALCS game.  I know, we are Cardinal fans and not Royals fans, but when the opportunity to sit in crown seats presents itself, you go.  I must admit, after the game we did feel a little more like Royals fans.

Tom Watson, a KC favorite, threw out the first pitch.

We had wonderful seats!  I could not believe how big Salvy was in real life!  

It was a great day for a Royals' Win!

Ken and I had a lot of fun!

Look who I met at the game, the Marlins Man himself!

Thanks so much to Marty and Karen for inviting us!  We had a great time at the game and I am officially spoiled with the crown seats!

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