Sunday, April 5, 2015


Omaha, NE, only a short three hour drive from our house, yet we had never been there.  I had the day off on Friday and Ken took the day off as well and suggested me make a road trip somewhere.  I have always heard that the Omaha Zoo is wonderful, so we decided that was the perfect little spot for a quick trip.

We set off for Omaha at 11:00 am and pulled into the zoo right at 2:00 pm.  The zoo was fantastic!  The highlight for me was watching the sea lions feed and do tricks.  I was amazed at all of the things the zoo keepers could get them to do!  As we walked away I told Ken that I am sure the sea lions learned really quickly that if they do something, they get a fish.  I mean, if someone were tossing Cadbury Mini Eggs at me, I would pretty much obey any command!

We hit all of the zoo highlights, with the exception of the elephants.  The elephants are getting a new habitat, so they were off site at the moment.  Another huge highlight was seeing the baby orangutan!  It was so precious and I even saw the mama give it a kiss.

Mama and baby orangutan

The lions are also a huge favorite of mine.  We were able to see two lion cubs and the mommy and daddy.  I wanted to squeeze the lion cubs!

Ma, Pa, and Baby lion

After the zoo, we checked into our hotel in the Old Market area and hit up one of the local breweries.  We tried all 12 of their beers on a little sampler.  

Sampler at Upstream Brewing.  I sent this picture to our neighbor that was watching Kya, and she thought these were 12 large beers instead of sample size!  The clt, alt, delete was my favorite beer.  It was a German style, imagine that right!

Hanging out in the Old Market area

After dinner and more cocktails, we ended up stopping at another little bar for a final drink.  If I am being completely honest, I had to skip a drink at this stop.  Mama was already at her limit with the beer tasting, and three glasses of wine.  

Ken's new drink of choice, an Old Fashioned

Ken loves a good drink with bourbon!

We woke up early on Saturday, had breakfast, and was on the road at 8:00 am.  It was a super quick trip, but a lot of fun.  It was the perfect break I needed from studying and Ken from work.  I am pretty sure we saw all Omaha has to offer in our 24 hours there.  Thanks for treating me Ken!

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