Monday, June 9, 2014

Germany and Switzerland: Day 7...More Hiking

Tuesday had big shoes to fill.  Poor Ken woke up not feeling the greatest and realized he had caught a cold.  I felt bad for him, but the show had to go on so, what better way to cure a cold then to drag him on another 15 mile hike?

We decided to ride the cable car back up to Grutschalp and take the trail in the opposite direction this time for a different view of the valley.  Of course the hike started by going straight up.  This might have caused a little bit of friction between my hiking partner and me.  He was not feeling the greatest, so I tried to be sympathetic.  He felt 100 times better after he zipped off the bottom half of his hiking pants.

Despite what Ken may have thought at the time, I was not trying to kill him for his life insurance.

A view of Wengen from the opposite side of the valley

We encountered a lot more snow today than we did the day prior.  Which led to this:

Written by Ken.  He said it was my anniversary present.

Ken did dare me to make a snow angel.  He promised me 10 Francs if I would do it.

This happened.  I am still waiting on my 10 Francs.

We kept hiking along and discussing how different our views were than the day prior.  This hike felt a lot more like hiking in Colorado.

Ken was predicting where we would end up.

We ended up having to cross a section that had a super steep drop off and cables for you to hold onto on the way across.  It was a little freaky, but it wasn't too terrible.  I think just knowing how far down it was made it scary.  

Looking back at the super steep part

Although the views from that high up were amazing

You can barely see Wengen between the trees

We finally made it to the perfect little spot for lunch.  Since we were so high up, we had stopped at the Co-op before we left Lauterbrunnen, since we knew we more than likely would not find an open bar to stop for lunch.  We dined on Swiss gold fish and Pringles.  Quite honestly, if I could have this view, I would do it everyday.

I considered taking a nap here it was so cozy

We continued on and even got to see a Chamois, which just zipped right up a cliff.  Two seconds before Ken said he was surprised we had not seen any wild life.  He was so fast that we did not even get a picture.  The below is a picture from Google images.

We crossed this little path and came across this sign.

Lattes 10 minutes ahead, count me in!

We approached Sulwald and saw a view that was absolutely unbelievable.


Ken told me to go roll around in the dandelions.  I was a little skeptical and was not quite sure, but he insisted.  He snapped a few photos of me and I was shocked just how pretty there were.

Just another day in the dandelions at Sulwald.  This one ended up being my favorite.

After we sat down, I noticed the locals enjoying drinks and they were laughing.  I asked Ken what he thought they were talking about and he told me they were probably laughing at me for rolling around in the weeds.  I am sure they thought that it was my first day out in public or something.  Stupid American girl!

We ordered our drinks and were sitting outside enjoying the view when we heard Genuine's Ride my Pony (you know, come on and ride it, let's do it, ride my pony, my saddles waiting) come on over the speakers.  Ken and I looked at each other like is this really on?  The girl we ordered from barely spoke English but Genuine is on?  It was hilarious!  The order did come out and talk to us and she spoke English, but it was just so funny!

When we left Sulwald we had to cross through a farmer's field.  When I say cross the field, I mean with his cows!

Ken crossed over the field like it was no big deal

For some reason, I got completely freaked out.  See that big guy behind me?  I thought he was going to attack me!

Looking down into Lauterbrunnen, where we are hiking to.

It was pretty steep going down

At this point, I may have been heckeling the cows

Swiss farmer

I was a little surprised to learn that Ken knew this was a broom and what to do with it

We finally made it back to Lauterbrunnen and stopped at the Co-op for beer, wine, and chocolate.  We went back and hung out in our room for a while and then made our way to dinner.  After dinner, we hung out on the patio of our hotel in really cozy patio furniture drinking our wine and beer. 

Just before dark, we took our drinks and wandered around town and took a bunch of pictures.

The church was right by our hotel. You can hear the church bells

At one point you could see five different waterfalls

In front of Staubbach Falls

We ended the night with a chocolate shake and cocktails while listening to a group of expats talking about ways to beat the system for longer visas.  They were BASE jumpers and paragliders.  It was interesting listening to their stories.

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