Monday, June 16, 2014

Germany and Switzerland: Day 10...Heading Home

We had an early wake up call on Friday to get to the train station to take the train back to Zurich.  Ironically enough, this was the best both of us slept the entire trip.  I think it had something to do with it raining outside.

Good bye Lucerne!

We had a long day traveling but it was much easier going home than getting there.  When we got to my car at the airport we were lucky enough that my spare keys were inside!  We made it home just around midnight, which was 7:00 am according to us.

A few final thoughts to note:

  • I came home with 12 chocolate bars and sadly only four are left.
  • I should have carried a larger purse instead of a cross body bag.
  • I did not flat iron my hair the entire time, since I fried my (old) flat iron in Germany.
  • We were thought to have been locals too many times to count.
  • Francs and Euros are much prettier than US dollars.

We had such a wonderful time!  I know that this was not our only time to venture to Europe.  I know we will be back and will spend two weeks making our way around.  

Until next time!

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Melanie said...

Hi there! I've been reading your blog for a while, and I remembered today you and your husband did a Germany/Switzerland trip. My hubby and I are thinking of doing something along those lines next year, so I was just rereading all of your posts. I wondered if you might mind emailing me and sharing any tips you may have for planning something in that area. We have both traveled internationally a good bit so we know the basics, but neither of us have been to either of those countries. We are trying to decide where all we might want to go so we can start mapping things out and researching flights and hotels. I'd love any insight you might be willing to share. If you have a few moments, could you email me at melanie0513 [at] gmail? I'd much appreciate it!!