Monday, September 16, 2013

Sunday Explorations...

Yesterday afternoon I was upstairs, wrapping up my homework when I heard Ken shout that he was bored.  I went downstairs he had his car keys in hand and wanted to hop in the car and go on an adventure.  

What is in adventure in our house?  Well, yesterday it was going to Missouri.  

The state line is about a mile or so from our house.  We crossed over and headed South.  Ken kept threatening to drop me off on Prospect.

For those of you not from Kansas City, Prospect is the scary street in Kansas City.  

Isn't he funny?  

It turns out, the side of Prospect that is near our house is rural instead of gangsta.

As we were driving along, we saw a sign that said Cider Donuts.  I have never seen someone flip a U-turn as fast as Ken did at that moment.  

Apparently someone needed a donut.  Or 12.

Dunn's Cider Mill, home of the best Cinnamon Cider Donut ever.

We grabbed a dozen of cider donuts and a cherry cider slush and were on our way.  As we drove away stuffing our faces full of donuts and slushies, I told Ken that this is just one of the examples of why we do not have children.  Eating a bag of cider donuts when you have kids, just does not seem like a logical option.

We saw a sign for a BBQ place called Snead's and Ken decided that we should go by there for dinner.  As if the donuts were not enough right?

Snead's BBQ, since 1956

It was kind of a cross between a VFW Hall and a bingo parlor.

The menu

The food was really good and the people watching was unbelievable!

We made our way back toward our house and we passed by a road that had a road closed sign that I used to see last year while I was on my bike rides.  Ken drove down the road to show me what was at the end.

An old wooden bridge

Ken was trying to get me to walk out there, but there was no way I would hope on that thing.  

It was a fun little afternoon of exploring hidden treasures that are just a few miles from our house.

Until next time.  :)

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lindsay said...

What a fun trip! Such good finds too - donuts!! Yum. I want to do something like this but I"m afraid we wouldn't stumble upon any cute/good places to eat in the boondocks of SC!