Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Little Frisbee Golf Action...

Did you know that Frisbee Golf is a real sport?  Neither did I.  I guess the technical name is Disc Golf, but I prefer Frisbee Golf.

Ken suddenly had the idea for us to go buy frisbees and play on Saturday.  Alright, I am game, I can do this.  Well, little did I know that the first course we would visit would be similar to trapezing through the Amazon Jungle.

Yeah, I know.  I ended up with no less than 20 chigger bites on my two precious feet. 

My poor little foot

I am currently covered in clear nail polish just trying to keep from tearing into the bites from scratching.  Since when do I get chiggers?  I never remember getting chiggers before, but then again when would I be walking through a field with an invitation for them to make my body their new home?

I will admit, it was fun, besides the whole chigger part.  I did learn that I am good at playing catch with a frisbee, but really not all that good at frisbee golf.  Ken said that I need some work.

After the jungle course, we went to another course by one of the high schools.  Let's just say it was like night and day.  This second course was completely Johnson County maintained.  It was pristine. 

We quickly learned that there is whole group of folks that really take this game seriously.  They have multiple discs and bags to carry them around.  Don't believe me?

Yeah, I was a little in awe and surprised at the same time.  What did not surprise me is the fact that these boys have Missouri plates.  I am only kidding, well, sort of.

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The CilleyGirl said...

It's huge in Portland -- there's at least 30 courses in the metro area alone. In at least two of the parks I like to run at, you have to watch for flying frisbees. It's insane. They have, I swear, customized frisbee bags to carry all that stuff in. I do enjoy stopping to tie my shoe or check my Garmin or something right in the middle of one of the disc paths, just to mess with them ;)