Sunday, March 24, 2013

Photo a Day...Week 11...

Day 71:  You know how we all have that pair of pants that you use as a grading tool to know when it is time to lay off the candy?  Well, this is Theo's version.  The fat checker.

Day 72:  It is a good thing Ken bought me crayons as part of my school supplies.  Coloring for Anatomy!

Day 73:  The KJ girls are ready for bed.  Retainer and all.  :)

Day 74:  Holy Moly, that is a bright outfit.

Day 75:  Should I be embarrassed to admit that I know all of the words?  Rollin, in my 5.0...

Day 76:  He was trying to convince me to eat cantaloupe.  Not happening.

Day 77:  One of our squirrels is holding on for dear life.  We have the fattest squirrels ever.

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