Sunday, January 20, 2013

St. Louis Marathon Training...Week 3...

Not only was this week three of training, this was also my first week of school.  Certain weeks I have class twice a week and others only once.  The days when I have class twice a week, definitely shortens my runs, but that is perfectly okay.  

I am knee deep in Chemistry and Anatomy and you know what?  I kind of like it!

Monday - 3 mile run with Kya
Thursday - 6 mile run with Kya
Sunday - 11 mile run with Kya

Can you tell my husky is obviously in very good shape?  The weather was so nice here on Saturday, but I knew 34 degrees would make a long run easier for Kya.  So, what does a good husky mom do?  She runs on Sunday so her favorite running partner can join her.  Don't worry, she thanked me.

From our run today.  I am bundled up and cold, she is hot and panting.  

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Emily said...

Glad you are enjoying the pre-reqs! It's a long road, but totally worth it in the end :)